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Work experience

Mar 2021Present

VP of Technology

Grokability, Inc.
Oct 2018Feb 2021

SRE Manager


Building and leading the Infrastructure/TechOps/SRE team at Nylas

Dec 2016Feb 2021



We're making email not suck. I'm wrangling clouds and writing dev tooling, making my teams' lives easier and our systems more reliable.

Mar 2014Present

Technical Operations Lead (Part Deux)
After the original management team (also with Straus Digital Media) bought the company back from, they once again pursued me to join them at the new company.
- Rebuilt the infrastructure from the ground up while simultaneously rewriting the entire site from scratch
- Migrating the existing Windows hosting infrastructure into AWS while we rebuild the newer infrastructure in Linux, with an emphasis on resiliency and repeatability by incorporating configuration management and infrastructure-as-code mentality and tooling from day one
- Building our continuous delivery infrastructure, as well as a plethora of custom tooling to ease my developers' lives
Mar 2012Mar 2014

Devops Manager (Please forgive the title)

Singleplatform (Acquired by Constant Contact)
- Helped SinglePlatform keep up with the growing needs of their publisher network as they added top tier partners such as Google, Foursquare, and Yelp to their growing distribution network for small business listings
- Assembled a team of polyglot ops engineers that fostered an environment of close cooperation with, and support of, the core development team
- Managed a technology stack ranging from PHP on PostgreSQL to Django on MySQL to Node on CouchDB and Twisted on Redis, all fronted by one or many of, Nginx, Varnish, ELB, HAProxy, with a variety of additionally buzzwordy middleware
- Built-out our AWS infrastructure to be reliable enough to satisfy the availability requirements of our aforementioned publisher network
Mar 2003Mar 2014

Freelance IT Consultant/Web Operations
- Designed & built fault-tolerant Linux web-hosting network
- Built & Managed Linux & FreeBSD web/email hosting environment
- Wrote shell scripts to manage DNS, email, backup systems
- Performed live datacenter migrations
- Built stand-alone Linux file/domain servers for Windows network clients
Mar 2010Mar 2012

Senior Systems Administrator/Developer

Straus Digital Media
- Expanded my traditional role as a strong IT generalist by joining the development team while still maintaining the entire IT infrastructure.
- Worked in Django/Python, PostgreSQL and various of FOSS technologies on top of Linux, VMware, and Amazon AWS/EC2.
- Designed and built-out a Linux-based IT infrastructure on VMware and EC2 for a web startup(dev, staging, prod)
- Developed backend of main web product in Django, PostgreSQL, gunicorn, Apache, Fabric, South, Celery, using Agile, test driven development practices
- Wrote a mass email sending infrastructure that adhered to industry best practices and designed the bounce/spam processing layers to keep deliverability above 99+% to inbox
Mar 2009Mar 2010

Unix Administrator

Epiq Systems
- Wrote management and monitoring tools to streamline support of IDOL engines
- Scripted archiving system for Linux/Solaris server farm
- Supported enterprise storage backends
- Administered Unix server environment
Sep 2004Dec 2008

Senior Systems Administrator, Purchased by OnTargetJobs
- Built and maintained multi-server mail infrastructure with volume exceeding 7 million emails/month, including reputation management
- Developed bounce and complaint tracking system in BASH and PHP
- Deployed an XMPP/Jabber secure corporate IM system and integrated it into Active Directory Integrated Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows machines into a SAMBA network for improved management of heterogeneous infrastructure
- Supervised office IT staff